Meybod - Yazd Province

Lamerd - Fars Province

Distributed generation power plant
Eshtehard Industrial - Alborz Province

Engineering and Development Co

Petro Farayand Karkhe

Production is the generator of development and prosperity. In order to achieve production, the creation of infrastructure such as energy and water supply for the country's industries becomes the main requirements. Karkheh Petro Process Development Company is one of the companies that, by valuing the capital of young manpower and education of the country, provides the infrastructural preparations for massive engineering production.

In the fifth decade of the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in order to achieve progress and justice, the children of this land and land, with effort and effort, have used their mind and strength and have taken an effective step in the development and development of the country to become a symbol of Iranian capability. bring forth Message from head manger
Investment projects

Investment and exploitation with the aim of creating sustainable value for stakeholders in the fields of oil, energy and water

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